Academic Scholarships commencing in Year 7

We invite parents and guardians to apply for an Academic Scholarship for their Year 5 or 6 child. Please complete the Academic Scholarship Application form and include your child's most recent school Report and their Year 5 NAPLAN Report, which must meet the following criteria:

  • Reading = Band 8 or higher
  • Writing = Band 8 or higher
  • Numeracy = Band 8 or higher

Each recipient of an Academic Scholarship will have their compulsory charges (in accordance with subjects undertaken by the student) and voluntary contributions ($235) paid by Butler College, for each year of enrolment at the College, with the following terms and conditions* being met (in each year of enrolment):

  • Maintaining minimum Satisfactory (C Grade) levels in all subjects in each reporting period (each semester) in all years.
  • Maintaining Good Standing (including attendance above 90%) in all all school terms each year.

Please read the full *Terms and Conditions and FAQs for the Academic Scholarship.

Note: all costs associated with uniforms, excursions, incursions, camps/tours, activities (curricular and extra-curricular), booklists and other additional cost options are not covered by the Academic Scholarship and are at the expense of the students' parents or guardians.

For more information please contact College Administration on 9561 4200 or email or