Subject Selections and Course Handbooks

Subject Selections open for Year 11 in Term 2 and Years 8-10 in Term 3, for students to choose their elective subjects for the following year. Students going into Year 12 do not choose subjects, as theirs are continuations of Year 11 courses. Year 7 students do not choose elective subjects in their first year. Selection dates and procedures will be provided to students and parents via Compass during the term scheduled for their subject selections.

With the introduction of Compass, our school management platform, we no longer use the SSO (Subject Selections Online) program for subject selections. Students now select subjects via the online platform Griddle. Please see Compass News for information on accessing Griddle and the selection process.

Year 11 2025 Subject Selections  

Pathway Planning Sessions for Parents and Students 4-6 June 2024.

We encourage Year 10 students and parents to book a pathway planning session with a senior staff member to discuss aspirations, opportunities, and recommendations for Year 11 and 12. To book a session, please log in to Compass and select Parent Teacher Conference Bookings on the home page (Dashboard). Bookings will remain open until 3pm on 6 June 2024. Please read the 2025 Butler College Senior School Handbook (see the pdf link below) for details on the subjects available.

Griddle will open from 4 to 9 June 2024. Please read the Year 11 2025 Butler College Subject Selections Instructions for details on navigating Griddle to select your subjects.

Follow Steps 1-3 below to complete the subject selection process. 

Step 1 - Read the Course Handbooks

Before selecting any subjects in Griddle, we strongly recommend students and parents read the Course Handbook, containing important information on the courses, costs and payments. While Griddle remains open, you may make changes to the subjects that have been selected. Once Griddle has closed, you can no longer make any changes. Subject changes deemed necessary after subject selections have closed are at the discretion of the College. The course handbooks are also available on Compass under Community / School Documentation.

Step 2 - Read the Subject Selection Instructions

Subject selections are completed using Griddle. Please read the instructions above (refer to the section Year 11 2025 Subject Selections above). Instructions and each student's individual Griddle link will be sent to the student's Department of Education email address. Parents will receive information via Compass; please ensure your email address supplied to us is up-to-date to ensure you do not miss any information.

Step 3 - Log in to Griddle

Referring to the Griddle instructions and your course handbook, follow the prompts in Griddle to complete the selection process. While a deposit of 50% of the total charges for the subjects chosen is appreciated, it is not compulsory when making your selections. If you wish to pay a deposit, online payments can be made via Bpoint (green PAYMENTS button at the top of the website, Biller code ‘Subject Charges 2025’ and follow the prompts). Compulsory charges and voluntary contributions for your child’s subjects will be included with the 2025 Booklist – emailed to parents before the end of the 2024 school year. Contributions and Charges include:

  • Charges associated with each course selected;

  • Any other compulsory charges required by the College; and

  • Any voluntary contributions approved by the College Board

Compulsory charges (including for elective subjects chosen) must be paid in full by the end of Term 1 2025. Please contact College Administration on 9561 4200 if you have any queries or experience difficulties in using Griddle.