Education Support for students with Disabilities

At Butler College we offer a range of opportunities tailored to the needs of each individual. Documented Plans are written to stimulate and provide effective improvement and consolidation. All programs are offered in a safe and effective learning environment, where students can achieve success and cover a broad spectrum of curriculum.

Please read our Guidelines and Policies regarding enrolments for children with disabilities.

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Standard Curriculum

All curriculum areas are covered within the Specialist/Disability programs and are adapted to the diverse needs of students. Students will be included where individually appropriate into mainstream classes and will be supported by our specialist Education Assistants.


This is an important priority for all our students; programs are designed to develop the most effective and achievable way for independent communication. Specific technologies available for use at the College include ipads, interactive whiteboards, amplification systems as well as Compics/visual support.


These awards recognise the achievements and abilities of students. Programs are activity-based and provide a life skills context to promote development of personal, social, independence, ICT and work related skills. ASDAN is Curriculum Council endorsed and students are awarded a certificate.

Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy And Occupational Therapy

Programs are specifically designed by our visiting Physiotherapists and are included in the students Documented Plans. Teachers and Education Assistants are trained in the implementation and continual assessment. Adaptation to the program continues throughout the year.

Independent Living and Work Readiness

We incorporate travel training, community access, work placements, independent living, personal development, money handling as well as functional literacy and numeracy - enabling all students to prepare for their future pathways.

Protective Behaviours

This program teaches the skills necessary students to identify when they feel safe or unsafe in a variety of scenarios and how best to respond in these situations in order to shield themselves from harm. Students develop social skills for both private and public behaviours and to help them learn to recognize their own individual space and appropriate touch and space for others. Cyber Safety is a high priority in this program.