Student Attendance

Why is regular attendance at school so important?

It is widely recognised that children need to attend school on a regular basis to gain the maximum benefit from their education and maximise their life opportunities. The Department of Education deems students to be 'at risk' if their attendance falls below 90%. Students need to be at school to develop the skills, knowledge and values they will need to succeed in life. It is also widely recognised that early identification and intervention best manage attendance problems.

The Education Act requires that all students attend school on site or an educational program of the school elsewhere as directed by the Principal. Parents or other responsibly persons are responsible under the Act for ensuring their child is attending on a daily basis.  It is the responsibility of students to:

  • Ensure you arrive at school by 8.25am each day (9.30am on Wednesdays)
  • Remain on school grounds until dismissed at the end of the day.
  • Arrive promptly to all classes

Students Arriving late to school
Students must ensure they are prompt to all classes. Problems arise, causing disruption to classes, if students are persistently late to school or class.

All students arriving late must report to Student Services or College Administration and provide an explanation for their lateness (a note from parent should be provided at this time – or SMS, phone call to advise the College should have been received). Students will enter their information into the kiosk at Student Services/Administration Office and print a Student Late Pass to provide to their teacher. Students without an explanation for their lateness face further consequences should the lateness be repetitious. 

Student Absences
Absences for part of, all day, or for several days, must be covered by a written explanation, SMS, email or phone call from the parent/guardian. These notes must specify the reasons for the absence/s. Written notes should be brought to the school by the student returning from a period of absence and handed to Student Services. 

Where a student is absent for a prolonged period of time, parents should contact the College as soon as possible. The school will request a medical certificate for prolonged absence due to sickness or injury, this is also important if the student has missed assessments during this time.

Student Absences during school terms for family vacations etc...
It is a requirement by the Department of Education that schools are informed if students need to be absent for extended periods of time during school terms. Parents and guardians are advised to download the Application for Student Absence Form if their child is going to be away from the College for three or more consecutive days during school terms (including 
family vacations). This form must be completed by the parent and submitted to the College for approval by the Principal prior to the requested absence.

SMS Text Messaging
The College uses an automated SMS text messaging service to inform parents of student absences and lateness to school without explanation. Text messages are sent throughout the day informing parents if their child has been marked absent. It is essential parents keep the College informed of any changes to their contact details.

Leaving the School Grounds
A leave pass is issued by all public school to students when they have had to leave College grounds for part of the day. Students obtain these passes from Student Services or the Administration Office after the have presented a note from the parent/guardian explaining the absence.

Students are not permitted to leave the College grounds for any reason during the day. Unapproved departure from the College grounds will be considered Truancy.

Out of Class Movement
Any student moving around the College grounds during class time requires a movement pass provided by their teacher. No student should be out of class without such a pass.