Marine Studies

Marine Studies 1

The Marine Studies program offers a range of study topics including Marine Biology, Ecology, Oceanography, SCUBA and Boating.  Theory lessons and a variety of practical activities are taught by our highly skilled and qualified staff throughout the year.  

This program is ideal for students with a passion for the marine environment and a love of the great outdoors, who aspire to university studies and careers in Environmental, Biological or Marine Science.

‘Great opportunities
and lifelong memories.’

Our optional tours extend the Marine Studies curriculum beyond the classroom, reinforcing lessons, skills and actively teaching students about career paths in marine management, ecotourism, oceanography and sustainable commercial fishing management.

'This was an amazing experience for my daughter;
thank you to all involved.'

Check Connect notices for expressions of interest for future Tours (Marine Studies students only) or for general information, please contact us on 9561 4200.  Watch our latest videos below and check out our YouTube channel, 'Butler College Perth Official'

Houtman Abrolhos Islands Dive Tour September 2020

Year 10/11 students undertook a unique ‘live-aboard’ experience at the Houtman Abrolhos Islands National Park, living on-board a working vessel and experiencing daily routines. Travelling from the northern Wallaby Group of islands, through the Easter Group and down to the Pelsaert Group, they observed commercial fishery practices/management, participating in the measuring/handling of western rock lobster and demersal fish catches. During the voyage they logged an official 7.5 days of ‘sea time’ which can be used to attain their Coxswains certification. The Abrolhos Islands are littered with shipwrecks including the 'Batavia'. A highlight was visiting the restricted Beacon Island (with permission from the Dept of Maritime Archaeology); a National Heritage-listed, protected and historically significant site that very few people have ever set foot on. It is the location of the 1629 mutiny and massacre; and graveyard to over 122 people. This memorable experience brought the stories from the syllabus to life. The Abrolhos Archipelago is also home to the world's southernmost coral reef system - students immersed themselves into this unique environment through snorkelling and Scuba diving, making significant improvements in their proficiency, skills and confidence. They were fortunate to observe marine life including sea lions, dolphins, humpback whales and predatory fish. This tour was a fantastic opportunity for students to take syllabus concepts and apply them in real-world settings, showing great spirit and comradery throughout the tour. Their maturity and resilience far exceeded the Crew's expectations and their standard of in-water skills and marine/maritime knowledge was ‘impressive beyond their years’.

Coral Bay Tour August 2020

Marine Studies students explored this world class Marine Park and discovered first-hand about this delicately balanced environment.  Students learned why our unique ocean currents are vital to marine ecosystems and the importance of scientific research in environmental management. Abundant marine life; manta rays, humpback whales and orcas were all observed in the Marine Park, as was a large and ancient loggerhead turtle – a rare sighting in this region. The Sea Scooter tour to Ningaloo’s largest and oldest ‘boulder’ coral was a unique experience. World renowned Manta Ray expert, Frazer McGregor, presented a seminar and shared his expertise out on the Ningaloo Reef. Film-makers and ocean ambassadors, Andre Rerekura and Nush Freedman inspired us with their mission to protect the oceans through their films and internationally-acclaimed documentary footage. We commend our students for their exemplary behaviour and enthusiasm on Tour, as noted by our guest speakers. Thank you to Marine Studies teachers for their planning and preparation of the Tour, ensuring our students safety during this fantastic learning experience.