Parent Teacher Online


Parent-Teacher interviews will be held on Wednesday 30 March 2022 for the purpose of discussing your child’s progress and achievement to date.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the interviews will be conducted via telephone. When you book your interview, you will be required to enter your preferred contact number for the evening. Your child’s teachers will then call you at your scheduled time. 

The College will close at 1.06pm (except for the Specialist Program students – their day will finish as normal) and interviews will be conducted from 2:00pm to 7.00pm. Due to the high number of interviews expected, appointment times are set at 8 minutes each.

If your child is in Specialist Programs (for students with disabilities) you will be contacted shortly by your child's classroom teacher to discuss their Individual Education Plan.

PTO opens from 3pm on Monday 14 March for bookings and will close at 6pm on Sunday 27 March. Read the PTO instructions here and click on the PTO icon above to begin.

For more information contact Administration on 9561 4200 or email Deputy Principal, Alysse Priddis at